💡Typical Use Cases

This section provides real-world examples of how the Knowledge Bots can be effectively used in various organizational roles to enhance productivity and streamline workflows across teams.

Common Workflows

Sales Team - Automate Repetitive & Research-Heavy Tasks

Finish an entire sales process from first meeting to a tailored follow-up email in just a few minutes.

  • Create structured meeting notes and sales report in seconds from your raw notes

  • Extract information from pictures of business cards or other documents using image recognition

  • Research a client via crawling their company website to create client factsheets

  • Find potential synergies and opportunities based on your product offering

  • Generate a personalized follow-up email containing all relevant info based on your findings

User Documentation - Chat With Any Document

Easily teach the Knowledge Bot different documentations, manuals, PDFs, and other documents.

  • Provide instant access to internal information for your colleagues and users

  • Retrieve step-by-step guides including relevant images or screenshots across hundreds of files

  • Reduce onboarding time for new team members by 50%

  • Resolve 80% of questions without employee escalation or shoulder taps

  • Generate reliable answers without LLM (AI) hallucinations

  • Clearly see how the answer was formulated with transparent source tracing and references

  • Retrieve and synthesize information from thousands of documents in a few seconds

  • Gain insights from legal documents, contracts, and any important fine prints

List of Other Potential Use Cases

From simplifying administrative tasks to providing specialized support for different domains, these use cases showcase the flexibility and value of a Knowledge Bot. Each example illustrates the bot's role, the knowledge base it draws from, and the specific ways it aids in task execution or problem-solving.

Knowledge BotKnowledge BaseUse Case

Admin Assistant

Employee handbooks, Company processes

Streamlining internal administrative & HR tasks

IT Support

IT troubleshooting guides, Software tutorials, FAQs

Assisting with common IT and technical issues

Machinery Manual Guide

Machinery and Equipment manuals, safety protocols

Offering step-by-step guidance on machinery

Legal Contract Analyzer

Contracts, requirements, frameworks, legal guidelines

Analyzing, summarizing, and comparing legal documents

Marketing Content Bot

Branding guidelines, Style guides, Previous content

Assisting in creating marketing materials

Onboarding Assistant

Onboarding material, HR docs, Company policies

Facilitating new employee onboarding processes

Customer Support

Customer support docs, Best practices, FAQs

Providing instant answers to common customer queries

Research Analyst

Reports, Market research, News Articles, Frameworks

Compiling and summarizing relevant research findings

Sales Assistant

Product catalogues, Sales training, Customer Personas

Providing product information and sales tips

Hotel Housekeeping Bot

Cleaning protocols, Staff schedules, Training docs

Training and coordinating housekeeping tasks

Here are some examples on how interacting with the bot might look like in practice:

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