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Discover how organizations utilize the Knowledge Bots to free up +10 hours for their team members every week by streamlining common work flows in their operation across different departments.

About Knowledge Bots

Knowledge Bots are personalized AI assistants that are trained on your unique business context and company documents. It's like having a super smart colleague with perfect memory who can retrieve and synthesize information from thousands of documents in seconds. Available 24/7, across any language.

The Problem

Our Solution

Create a Bot in Less Than 5 Minutes. No Coding Required.

About Us

Blockbrain's founding team, with 50+ years of combined experience in enterprise software, AI, automation, and data security, includes the co-founder of Statista - Mattias Protzmann and the tech executive who led the automation and AI unit at Bosch - Antonius Gress.

Why Leading Businesses Choose Blockbrain

The Knowledge Bots enable businesses to have the right knowledge, for the right person, at the right time - increasing efficiency and decision-making quality significantly.

Our customers have adopted our AI solutions to boost the productivity of their knowledge workers and staff across indirect process areas like Sales, Supply Chain, Machinery, Research, and Legal.

Blockbrain is already helping numerous companies across Germany and Europe to gain an edge in the AI revolution. On top of being data secure & GDPR compliant, the pricing model is also much more suitable for medium-sized and large-sized enterprises than tools like ChatGPT or Microsoft by having usage based pricing instead of paying $30+ for every user.

Who Can Benefit Most from Our Solution?

Blockbrain's solution is most suitable for "Mittelstand" companies with 500 to 5000 employees and annual revenues ranging from €50 million to €5 billion.

Nonetheless, our technology is also serving smaller firms, including law practices, startups, educational or research institutions that are looking to leverage AI for growth and efficiency.

We welcome businesses of all sizes and from various fields who seek to enhance their knowledge management and operational efficiency by having faster access to information, better document processing, and no-code task automation for better decision-making.

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Check out our brief introduction to the Knowledge Bots product:

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