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This section provides release notes and the latest product updates from Blockbrain. Users can learn about new features, improvements, and fixes, ensuring they fully leverage the tool's capabilities.

Knowledge Bot - Product Update - 23 May 2024

Release Notes (23 May 2024)

  • Redesigned and refined the "document management" section to give users a better overview of their folders, files, and insights

  • Added Microsoft SharePoint Integration allowing administrators to sync and update documents seamlessly. Admins can selectively share folders from SharePoint that can be used as a knowledge base.

  • Implemented "Pinnable Insight Feature" which helps users to create and iterate on content/documents much more seamlessly. Users can now pin important messages and insights to the left side for easy reference while iterating on the content on the timeline to the right side.

  • Added the best performing LLM (AI) models on the market to date for users to select:

    • GPT-4o (Omni)

    • GPT-4 Turbo (Vision)

    • Claude 3 Opus

    • Claude 3 Sonnet

    • Claude 3 Haiku

    • Gemini 1.5 Pro (Vision)

    • Gemini 1.0 Pro (Vision)

Knowledge Bot - Product Update - 14 March 2024

Release Notes (14 March 2024)

  • Import textual & image content from webpages to build a knowledge base

  • Advanced document references that explains which information was used for answer generation

  • Advanced bot sharing option to restrict access to specific users in the organization

  • Multi-language support (Nexus)

  • Option to include chat history as a reference when sharing a note with another user (Nexus)

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