✨Getting Started

Welcome to Knowledge Bots! Start using the AI-powered bots to access information faster and easier. It's like having a co-worker who has the internal knowledge to answer any company questions 24/7.

1. Add Bots to Your Dashboard

Upon entering the platform, you'll land on your Bots dashboard.

Click on 'Add +' to open the bot selection modal.

Here, you can choose one or more bots that have been shared with you and add it to your dashboard.

If you don't see any bots available, please reach out to your organization's admin, a builder, or our support team at info@theblockbrain.ai.

2. Start a Conversation

Start a conversation by clicking on a bot on your dashboard.

Upon entering the chat interface, enter your questions or use suggested conversation starters to interact with the bot and get the information you need.

Each bot typically includes a description and a welcome message outlining its purpose and how it can assist you in your daily tasks.

This initial interaction is designed to familiarize you with the bot’s capabilities and how it can be integrated into your workflow to free up your productive time for tasks that truly matter.

Note: The more context and detail you can provide in your question or instructions, the better and more relevant the responses will be. Similarly to how you would ask a co-worker.

For example, instead of asking, "How do I reset my password?" you could say, "I'm trying to reset my password for the employee portal on a Mac using Safari, but I'm not receiving the reset email. What steps should I take to solve the problem?" This gives the bot enough context to provide a specific solution, whether it's checking your spam folder or adjusting browser settings to allow emails from the portal.

Get started today and transform how you access and manage information with Knowledge Bots!

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