👩‍💻Account Setup

This guide walks you through the steps to quickly set up your account. Depending on your organization, you will either login directly via your company email or register manually.

Azure Login

If your company has linked our system with Azure, you can login directly using your Microsoft Azure company account. No extra steps needed.

Manual Registration

If you're registering manually, click on the 'Register' button on our platform and select one of the registration options to create a new account.

Registration Email: Upon registration, you'll receive an email with an activation link and initialization code to finish your account setup.

Please ensure the authenticity of the email by verifying it originates from auth@theblockbrain.io.

Received an Invitation? If you've been invited by your organization's administrator, you'll receive a unique domain URL (e.g., Company.kb.theblockbrain.ai) along with your invitation. Use this URL to access the platform directly.

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